The Bowlo Evans Head is a proud supporter of our local community.

Check out the list of our sponsored partners.

malibu club evans head

Evans Head Over 8’s Malibu Club has been going for 25 years.  The Mal Club is a family friendly club from junior boys and girls to over 65’s

Northern Rivers Water Ski Club

Northern Rivers Water Ski Inc.☼ take advantage of our region’s magnificent weather, we are a social club and having fun is what we are all about. If your into wakeboarding, waterskiing or barefooting, we enjoy them all.  We host many special events throughout the year on the Richmond River, Woodburn.

half tide board riders club

The Halftide Boardriders was established in 1969 and has been an intricate part of the young, up and coming surfers of the area. The club promotes a healthy competitive environment where young and old surfers can gather and surf together and enjoy riding waves. The club won the “Simon Anderson Premiere Club Award” and was inducted into the Australian Surfing Hall Of Fame in 2007 for its significant contribution to club surfing. The club meets at Main Beach on the 3rd Sunday of each month at 7am.

woodburn wolves

Wolves is a community based club, committed to creating an enjoyable football experience.The primary objective of The Wolves Club is the development of junior football and footballers. We will provide  a football programme that prepares young players both mentally and physically for senior football.